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Fern: care tips

Fern: care tips

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Fern is a pretty perennial and persistent plant with many varieties.

Outdoors or indoors, it is easy to care for and grow.

Last name : Dryopteris
Family : Dryoperidaceae
Type : Perennial and houseplant, green plant

: 30 to 120 cm
Exposure : Shade and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent

Planting the fern

As an indoor plant, you can do the repotting throughout the year.

Then use a suitable potting soil and put a bed of clay balls at the bottom to improve drainage.

  • Outdoors, repot in the spring.

Fern size

Cut the dried or yellowed leaves as you go.

To know about the fern

Ferns have the particularity of being persistent, but also of dressing our walls and thus keeping them fresh all year round.
It is therefore difficult to pull out the plant as it attaches itself to its support.

As a houseplant, you'll choose her for her beautiful foliage and ease of maintenance.

Only an organic fertilizer for green plants is necessary once or twice a year.

Smart tip about ferns

Indoors and outdoors, avoid too sunny exposures.

To read also

  • Multiply your ferns by division of the tuft
  • The fern is a formidable depolluting plant

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