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Sunpatiens: impatience for the sun

Sunpatiens: impatience for the sun

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Sunpatiens is the answer finally found for all those who love impatiens and who would like to put them in the sun!

You can adorn your flower beds, tubs and planters in the sun for many months.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Sunpatiens ®
Family : Balsaminaceae
Type : Perennial indoors, annual outdoors

: about 40 cm
Exposure : Sun and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : May to September

Planting sunpatiens®

The planting of sunpatiens ® purchased in a bucket is carried out in spring.

  • Prefer the sun or possibly light shade
  • The soil should be well drained and rich in humus
  • Plant several feet in the same place spaced about 40 cm apart to create a beautiful upholstery effect

Then mix your soil with flowering plants potting soil and water regularly in summer for abundant flowering.

Maintenance, pruning of sunpatiens ®

Caring for the sunpatiens ® is very easy and no pruning is necessary.

  • Water regularly in hot weather
  • Adding fertilizer for flowering plants will stimulate flowering, but it is not essential

In a planter or container, for more aesthetics and to stimulate the appearance of new flowers, you can remove faded flowers as you go.

To know about sunpatiens ®

Both decorative and bursting with color, these perennials or annuals flower remarkably in flower beds and planters.

  • Maintenance is easy and grows fast.

Don't be surprised if your Sunpatiens ® don't do not grow back from one year to the next because they fear the cold. They will spend the winter only where the climate is mild.

  • You can nevertheless cultivate sunpatiens ® pot to bring them inside your home during the colder months
  • In this case, reduce watering to once a month during the winter rest period

Enemy and disease of sunpatiens ®

Not very susceptible to pests and diseases, impatiens are nevertheless attacked by spider mites and aphids.

  • here's how fight against the red spider
  • here's how fight against aphids

If holes appear on the foliage sunpatiens ®, beware of slugs because they are fond of this type of plant and it is necessary to treat quickly.

Smart tip about sunpatiens ®

During flowering, do not hesitate to water your sunpatiens regularly, but not excessively in order to maintain a good level of humidity.

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