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Euryops: the savannah daisy

Euryops: the savannah daisy

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The Savannah daisy is part of the large asteraceae family.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Euryops
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Perennial, shrub

: 1 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : ordinary, drained

: Persistent
Flowering : March to November

It offers a pretty bloom from spring to summer and is no problem in terms of maintenance.

Plantation of euryops

Plant the euryops, the savannah daisy:

In the fall or in the spring in a light and rather rich soil to optimize the pretty flowering.

Prefer a location sunny and protected from the winter wind, you will then prolong flowering.

Multiplication of euryops, the savanna daisy:

You can simply perform a sowing directly in the ground or by cuttings in spring.

Size, maintenance of europs

Cut back slightly after flowering to restore vigor to the plant.

Wintering of the savanna daisy:

If it freezes in your area, prefer a container culture so that you can bring them in winter in a cool place, but sheltered from frost and with enough light.

Elsewhere, you can leave them in the ground.

Good to know about euryops

The euryops or savannah daisy has the big advantage of flowering most of the year.

As a sub-shrub, it is bushy and offers a compact and generous flowering.

Easy to grow, it requires almost no maintenance and also finds its place in massive, what about border or in hotpot.

Smart tip about the savannah daisy

The Euryops Pectinatus variety can flower all year round!

Video: How to Troubleshoot the Euryops Daisy (June 2022).


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