It's cake month!

It's cake month!

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The Epiphany launches the official cake season, which often punctuates a good part of the month of January.

With frangipane, chocolate or speculoos, what if this year, you made it yourself?

We often share the first with the family, on the first Sunday of the month. Then we eat it with colleagues, neighbors, friends… The galette is the star of the month of January.

Classic with frangipane, modern with chocolate, fruity with apples or southern brioche style with candied fruit, 30,000 tonnes are sold each year.

Indispensable bean

The tradition of the galette des rois was born in the 14the century, inspired by the pancake shared by the Romans of Antiquity during the Saturnalia, pagan festivals dedicated to the sun (which explains its round shape and its golden color). We then slipped a real bean - the legumes. Porcelain beans appear at the end of the XIXe century, plastic ones in the 1960s, metal ones in the 1980s. Porcelain is making a comeback today, often taking the form of comic book and cartoon characters.

King's cake recipe

Here are 3 delicious recipe for king's pancakes:

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