Panicum: a bright grass

Panicum: a bright grass

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Panicum virgatum is a grass appreciated for its green or red foliage and its very ornamental side.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name: Panicum virgatum
Family: Poaceae
Type: Grass

Height: 80 to 150 cm
Exposure: Sunny

: Expired -Flowering: Summer

Planting panicum

Panicum viragtum is a hardy plant that does not fear frost, its resistance is around -15 °.

Particularly resistant, panicum tolerates long periods of drought and can be grown in soil as well as in pots.

It is recommended to plant panicumin spring or fallbut to avoid at all costs periods of frost or extreme heat.

  • The panicum supports the sun and partial shade well
  • During the first weeks after planting,water regularlyin order to facilitate rooting.
  • Panicum is not a demanding perennial, so she will be content with roughlyall types of soil.

Panicum virgatum in a pot:

Growing panicum in pots is quite possible. So prefer colorful varieties.

  • A potting soil for perennials is ideal for growing panicum in pots.
  • The pot, tub or planter must be drilled at the end to prevent water from stagnating at the roots.
  • Pot, fertilizer application for grasses is necessary, at least once a year.
  • You will be ablemultiply your panicumeasily individing the tuft in the fall or early spring.

Pruning and caring for panicum

The tufts of dry panicum leaves can be cut back in early spring to regenerate the plant.

  • Casting off amounts to cutting about 20 cm from the ground.
  • By leaving the tufts in winter, you will enjoy their decorative effect for longer because, even when dry, they are very pretty.

In terms of maintenance, panicum is an ideal plant for all those who prefer to admire their garden than to maintain it. Indeed, once properly installed, it does not require any particular care.

The culture of potted panicum nevertheless calls for a regular watering, especially on a hot day.

To know about the panicum

Native to North America, the panicum is a pretty perennial, appreciated for its green foliage, or variegated with red, both ornamental and easy to grow.

Original and very decorative, this plant requires very little maintenance.

Most varieties of panicum virgatum are not invasive and will find a place in your garden without invading that of its neighbors.

It is used more and more today for its natural and wild side which is ideal for contemporary gardens which also seek a clean side.

Finally, panicum is also beautiful from spring to winter because by letting the tufts dry in the fall, you will enjoy beautiful foliage during the colder months.

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