Spectacular spring bouquets

Spectacular spring bouquets

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Spring is synonymous with freshness, a new beginning, and the return of the sun which will shine again. The days are longer and we are rapidly heading into summer.

Spring is also the symbol of pure yellow, grass green, bright pink and especially spring flowers full of cheerfulness.

Flowers give energy

In winter, we decorate our interior in a welcoming and warm way. We are often very warm inside and our house protects us from the cold outside. But now that the New Year has started and spring is coming, it's time to turn our attention outward. Spring is not only a new beginning for nature, but also a source of new energy for you. And what could be better than a colorful bouquet of flowers on the table?

With a spectacular bouquet of spring flowers as a gift, you will be welcomed with open arms everywhere. But it is of course also nice to treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet. So go quickly to your florist who certainly has the most beautiful and freshest flowers.

Fresh from the garden

More and more people are discovering the charm of locally grown produce, such as vegetables and flowers.

Ask your florist for local bulb flowers.

These come straight from the nursery, sometimes even with the bulb still attached, and are therefore very very fresh. You will be able to enjoy it for a very long time.

Flowers produced in the region:

  • are cooler
  • last longer in the vase
  • are of high quality

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