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Kniphofia, tritome: the brand of Satan

Kniphofia, tritome: the brand of Satan

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The kniphofia, tritome, Satan's brand or even false aloe is a beautiful perennial native to South Africa.

Its flowering is very original and the decorative effect guaranteed.

Maintenance is easy for this flower, which will quickly find its place at the bottom of a bed in your garden.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Kniphofia
Family : Xanthorrhoeaceae
Type : Perennial

: 50 to 150 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Limestone

Flowering : June to November

Planting kniphofia

It is recommended to plant your kniphofias in spring respecting a 40 cm spacing between each plant to leave space for each plant to develop well.

  • A well-drained soil is strongly recommended especially for winter
  • Prefer a sunny location to have a beautiful flowering
  • The planting depth is approximately 10-15 cm

You can mix your soil with flowering plant soil for better results.

Pruning and caring for the kniphofia

Remove wilted flowers as you go to stimulate the emergence of new inflorescences.

Protect the foot of your kniphofia with a voucher mulching in winter if the climate in your area is cold, it is guaranteed to see your plant again the following spring.

To know about the kniphofia

Shades of red, orange and yellow give a flamboyant effect with its erect stems that are sure to be noticed in a clump or in the middle of a bouquet.

Very original, this perennial that is also sometimes called "False aloe " or "Brand of Satan Is remarkable for its flowering.

Quite rustic in our region, the kniphofia resists low or even negative temperatures well and can sometimes flower until December.

A particularly honey-bearing plant, the kniphofia will participate advantageously in pollination in your garden.

Smart tip about kniphofia

Adding fertilizer in the spring helps improve flowering, especially for potted kniphofia.

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  • Multiply your tritomas by division of the tuft

Video: Kniphofia Growing and Overwintering (July 2022).


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