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Balsamite or mint-rooster: benefits and virtues

Balsamite or mint-rooster: benefits and virtues

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Thebalsamite (Tanacetum balsamita), also called rooster mint, is a perennial herbaceous plant with a rhizomatous strain that forms a dense and broad clump, native to Europe and Asia Minor.

It gives off a scent very similar to that of mint. In herbal medicine, the leaves of this aromatic plant are used for their digestive, diuretic and healing properties.

Balsamite and its health benefits

  • Balsamite is known for its effectsantispasmodics. She calms the Cough, the bronchitis and theintestinal spasms.
  • It is recommended, for its digestive properties, in case ofintestinal gas, of flatulence and ofdigestive disorders in general.
  • Thanks to its effects diuretics, balsamite is effective inWater retention.
  • The infusion of balsamite is a very goodvermifuge.
  • For external use, in the form ofoil (macerate dried leaves in olive oil), balsamite speeds up the healing small wounds and soothesburns superficial and Insect bites.

Growing balsamite for its benefits

  • Balsamite should be planted in full sun to promote the development of its foliage.
  • It grows in arather light and cool soil and requires little maintenance.
  • Very hardy, balsamite can be planted in all regions. It is very resistant to cold.

Balsamite in cooking and its properties

  • This aromatic plant is used a bit like mint, even if its scent is not quite the same. Warning however, it tastes very bitter.
  • Fresh chopped balsamite marries the salads, the pot au feu, peas, potatoes and vegetable soup.
  • For the sweet tooth, balsamite goes well with fruit salad.

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