Choosing the right garden furniture

Choosing the right garden furniture

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Very trendy, the garden furniture has become the essential furniture for your exterior.

Depending on the size of your terrace, you can create a dining area and / or a relaxation area.

And with new materials: tables, chairs, sofas and armchairs, all match your style.

Photo: garden furniture in woven resin, wood and aluminum, Cosenza model.

Choose your garden furniture according to the size of your terrace

You dream of a garden Lounge comfortable for your meals outside? Note that to circulate well, you must leave at least 80 cm around the table and 50 cm between each guest. There are built-in collections that will save you space. The set consisting of a table, four armchairs and two poufs is perfect for small terraces, as the seats slide under the table, and after use only form a small rectangle.

Another question to ask yourself, do you want to keep garden furniture all year round on your terrace, with just a protective cover, or do you want to store it in winter? In the first case, it does not matter then the weight and the bulk. And if your terrace is large enough, you can also define a relaxation area. It consists of a garden sofa, two armchairs with footrests and a coffee table. Elements certainly a little bulky, but flexible according to your desires. Choose them with removable and machine washable cushions at 40 ° C.

If you want to store your equipment in winter, opt for folding furniture. The tables with extensions can accommodate up to 10 guests and can be folded down once the meal is finished. The chairs can also be folding, however in this case their seat is less comfortable, consider equipping them with a pad or a chair cushion.

Arrange your terrace with different materials

To select the best collection of garden furniture (, it all depends on your design and your desires. For a simple and authentic style, go for wood. Steel and aluminum will bring a contemporary spirit. For a designer garden furniture, go for furniture in woven resin.

  • Wood, the natural asset

Exotic species such as acacia, eucalyptus or teak are recognized for their resistance to bad weather (rain, UV), fungi and molds ... wood protected and labeled FSC , which guarantees sustainable forest management and therefore a lower environmental impact. Once a year, you will need to apply a special exotic wood oil otherwise its color will turn gray.

  • Steel, the strength asset

This stainless material offers high resistance to scratches, rust, UV and weathering. It can stay on your patio all year round. The advantage is that it can add color: red, yellow, green or fuchsia pink and give your garden a little air of a tavern. It is also one of the few materials along with wood to offer round tables.

  • Aluminum, the lightness asset

In an epoxy finish, aluminum does not rust and is resistant to time. A sturdy, but light material that allows you to move your furniture as you wish. Another advantage is that aluminum tables are often equipped with a glass top, which makes it easier to maintain.

  • Braided resin, the design asset

Its high flexibility offers a long lasting quality seat. The woven resin collections are the only ones to offer, in addition to the garden table and chairs, relaxation lounges consisting of a sofa, armchairs (with or without footrest) and a coffee table. Practical, to maintain the braided resin, all you need is a cleaning with a water jet.

Smart tip

Even though they are designed for the outdoors, if you don’t store your patio furniture in the winter, protect it with a protective cover to keep it looking good for years to come.

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