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Boxwood pruning: all you need to know

Boxwood pruning: all you need to know

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Contrary to popular belief, pruning boxwood is easy and does not endanger your shrub at all, quite the contrary.

Pruning a boxwood is a gesture which allows both to model this magnificent shrub while allowing it to renew its foliage and to become denser.

Don't be afraid to prune it, it also gives it more vigor!

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Period for pruning boxwood

  • For boxwoods not exceeding 1 m in height: the good time is around the months ofApril June and August-October.
    There will therefore be 2 sizes, it is often said that they are performed during months in A.
  • It is possible to prune outside of these periods, provided youavoid winter and the growth period boxwood.
  • For the box trees that make up a hedge and which do not have a particular shape: one size before summer is enough.

Which tools to choose for pruning boxwood?

  • There are shears or scissors specially designed for topiary size and which are perfectly suited.
  • For the box trees that make up a haie, a hedge trimmer or one larger size shearse.

Give a round, conical or other shape to your boxwood

  • From the first year, already prune your boxwood for their give the shape you want.
    At first it is more than one general silhouette than a specific size.
    It will take wait a few years before it has its beautiful final form.
  • Then, at each size, you will only cutpart of what grew from the last size.
    Over time, your shrub will grow in size and keep the shape you want it to be.

Prune a boxwood hedge

  • In hedges, it is important that the the lower part of the hedge is wider than the upper part.
    You thus guarantee your entire shrub a good light penetration.
    If the bottom is thinner than the top, it will eventually recede.
  • For low hedges, plan one foot every 10-15 cm so that it is dense.

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