An advice section for your pets

An advice section for your pets

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In the gardens, there is excitement; there is never real silence. Insects occupy soil and space; in the tall grass, a tortoise takes flight; a hen cackles in rhythm; the birds shape the nest of the future brood; a squirrel parades in a tree. Further on, Monsieur the cat saw Monsieur the dog. One hisses, the other barks. By concentrating, we guess the furtive movement of fish in a basin. Tonight, the hedgehog family will come to visit the garden. Everything is lush with complexity and beauty.

An animal section on Jardiner Malin

Whether they are haired, feathered or scaled, vertebrates or invertebrates, loved or tolerated, animals leave no one indifferent. Some have been domesticated, others are growing in the wild. Without their presence, our life on earth would be impossible. Are we aware of their ingenuity, their adaptability, their great loyalty? Do we have at heart to live in harmony with them? If you read my smart garden with pleasure, the answer is undoubtedly yes, because you care about nature. Based on this assumption, we had the idea of ​​creating an animal chronicle to discover them and get closer to them. Throughout the articles, we will meet those who inhabit our homes and colonize our gardens. We will share experiences and simple advice with kindness to better understand our cohabitation.

To meditate : "I use animals to teach men"

Jean de La Fontaine French poet 1621-1695


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