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Poppy, Poppy: pretty spring flower

Poppy, Poppy: pretty spring flower

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The poppy, or poppy, is a very pretty flower that blooms in spring or summer. Easy to sow, it is the ideal field flower.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Papaver
Family : Papaveraceae
Type : Perennial, annual

: 30 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary or rather rich

Flowering : May to September

Plantation of poppy, poppy

Poppy cultivation, perennial poppy:

Concerning the perennial poppies, plant in spring in a soil mixed with potting soil, respecting a distance of 20 cm between each foot.

If you want to sow the perennial poppy, the ideal time is summer.

  • Sow broadcast in a mixture of soil and sand or special seed soil.
  • Cover the seeds with potting soil then water in a fine rain.
  • Keep the substrate slightly damp.
  • Thin out about every 10 cm, as soon as the first leaves appear.
  • Transplant to their final place when the plants are well formed, usually in early fall.

Cultivation of the annual poppy:

For the annual poppy seedlings, proceed to a sowing in place from April to June then water regularly but not excessively.

  • In regions with a mild climate, you can start sowing in February-March, but under cover.
  • When the first shoots appear, clear up to about 10 cm and plant in the spring.

Poppy care, poppy

The poppy or poppy is a very easy to care for flower, which hardly needs any care.

In summer, after flowering, it is recommended to cut the poppies a few centimeters above the ground in order to cause the appearance of beautiful foliage.

In terms of diseases and parasites, the poppy is rather resistant and we know very few enemies ...

If you nevertheless notice some aphid attacks, here is how to treat against aphid.

To know about the poppy or poppy

Poppies include poppies among their species. They are characterized by their large solitary flowers, often very colorful and bearing 4 satiny red petals.

We distinguish the oriental papaver, perennial, which blooms again from year to year and the papaver somniferum, annual, which is sown in the spring of each year. It is the latter which is at the origin of opium but also of morphine for medical use.

They are often found in the wild, in meadows and pastures, in mountain pastures but also in gardens when you want to give them a natural touch.

The poppy bears a large, solitary colored flower and attractive, finely cut foliage.

Advice about poppy, poppy

Warning ! because the proliferation of the poppy or the poppy can be rapid and even difficult to control.

It is then prudent to cut the flowers as soon as they begin to form their seed capsule.

To read also:

  • Multiply the perennial poppy by division of the tuft

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