Plants: what's the trend?

Plants: what's the trend?

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Grandmother's plants, plant cabinet, black & blue color, mineral plants: here are the major trends perceived by specialists in the genre.

Carnation, featured in 2018

Simple and charming, dense and colorful, the vintage garden is once again seducing: it is inhabited by plants known to all, resistant and therefore durable, easy and fragrant, such as the geranium, the peony, the lilac, the Daisy, the dahlia, thehydrangea hydrangea macrophylla, theeyelet

Carnation is also expected to be the big star of 2018: "It is found more and more in gardens," explains nurseryman Michaël Lebret, from the Promesse de Fleurs site. This little flower is popular for several good reasons: its scent is a real Proust madeleine, it is an excellent plant for dry land because it grows well in embankments and rockeries. Finally, it is rustic and resistant to drought, with a particularly powerful regeneration power. Carnation is also useful in the vegetable garden. "The old varieties, tall on stems, had the only drawback of lying down under the influence of the weather and were therefore shunned by gardeners. But the new varieties, launched ten years ago, retain their qualities of large, flowering flowers, but with squat stems that are therefore more resistant ". It is therefore perfect for a container culture.

A cabinet of curiosities ... plant-based

The "cabinet of curiosities" is a very strong trend for indoor gardens: it is a question of selecting unusual plants, with surprising appearance and complicated names, and of associating them with equally original containers to create a world apart. You can also stage them under a globe or in a terrarium.

Marine plants, with a coral appearance, are particularly popular today in this category. Let us quote the Mertensia maritima for example, with oyster-flavored foliage to be tested in the kitchen, Trachelospermum Theta, Neopanax, Elegia Tectorum Fish… This is what comes out of the "already seen"!

Make way for the color Black & Blue

Always on the unusual and mysterious side, modern black plants continue to please, but with a new variant: their association with the color blue. A fine marriage, for example, that of the ophiopogon with black leaves and the blue fescue. Also discover new varieties such as Baptisia Indigo Spiers, clematis taiga, Colocasia Black Stem… and continue to find eccentrics!

2019 ... the forecast for plants

"I can already sense the emergence of plants with a mineral aspect, with a texture resembling stone, such as certain cacti, houseleeks and saxifrage…, Concludes Michaël Lebret. Plants that tolerate drought well because our summers are undeniably getting hotter and hotter. They are also perfect for a simple and ecological garden, essential keywords ".

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Visual credits: Vintage garden: © Anterovium - Carnations and flower beds: © Adisa Fotolia Ophiopogon: © Veneratio - Houseleeks: © Brad Pict -

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