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Bottle rinse: a very original shrub

Bottle rinse: a very original shrub

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The bottle rinser is a small, original and very decorative shrub.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Callistemon citrinus
Family : Myrtaceae
Type : Shrub

: 1 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent -Flowering : May to September

Maintenance, from planting to pruning through watering are all actions that will participate in the proper development of your bottle rinser. (Photo © Ali Burçin Titizel)

Planting the bottle rinser

It is recommended to plant the bottle rinser in the spring, after the last frosts, preferably in May.

In regions where it freezes in winter, prefer a bottle rinser container culture that you will protect from frost in winter.

The cultivation of calistemon is only possible in areas with a mild winter climate.

  • The bottle rinser likes sunny situations
  • In semi-shaded situation flowering is generally less abundant
  • It appreciates well-drained soils because it especially fears stagnant water in winter

Bottle rinse pot:

For the bottle rinser in jar, use a potting soil for flowering shrubs

  • Make sure the pot is well drilled at the bottom
  • Put a drainage bed like clay balls to prevent water from stagnating at the bottom
  • Water regularly, especially after planting
  • Add fertilizer regularly because, in container culture, the soil becomes depleted more quickly

Callistemon easily multiplies by cuttings.

Size and care of the bottle rinser

Once properly installed, the bottle rinser is easy to grow and needs minimal maintenance.

Properly trim the bottle rinser:

You can balance or reduce the antlers bottle rinser in spring in a gentle way.

To keep the growth compact, cut the year-old shoots in half after flowering.

Summer remove the fruits in formation because they unnecessarily tire the plant and cut the withered stems.

Watering the bottle-rinser:

The bottle rinser has need water at the start to promote rooting and recovery after planting

Once properly installed, the bottle rinser tolerates drought, but you can still water from time to time to promote flowering.

The bottle rinser in jar should be watered regularly, as soon as the soil is dry on the surface.

Mulching in winter helps protect the roots from the cold.

To know about the bottle rinser

Its name is very evocative, but the allure of this shrub generous and original flowering is wonderful.

Originally from Asia, he prefers rather mild climates for growing in the ground, but will adapt perfectly to verandas and other glass roofs, in pots or containers.

You will be able improve flowering by regularly bringing a liquid organic fertilizer, especially in houseplants where the soil is more prone to impoverish. (© Fotolia)

Tip about the bottle rinse

You should water regularly in summer, but without excess, taking care to water in the evening to avoid evaporation.

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