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Ground cover plants: no more mowing!

Ground cover plants: no more mowing!

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If you are tired of mowing your lawn or want to quickly green your shady areas, adopt low-maintenance ground covers.

Here are six of the hundreds available in garden centers.


Perennial plant that grows spontaneously in mountain rockeries, theheuchère has evergreen green, purplish-pink, purple, yellow, variegated or silvery foliage.

About 30 cm high, she appreciates well-drained, humus-rich soils, a sunny exposure or in partial shade.


This small ground cover plant - often less than 5cm tall - has round leaves less than 5mm that resemble duckweed. In summer tiny pink flowers appear.

Thehelxine love them sandy, well-drained soils, shade or partial shade. She fears drought. Although it tolerates temperatures down to minus 15 degrees, it is best to mulch it before the harsh winters.


This perennial plant of about 50 cm, at green, yellow and red variegated deciduous foliage presents in summer discreet white and fragrant flowers. She prefers moist and rich soils, shade, and fears summer drought. Add compost in the spring; in severe winter, let the foliage dry to protect it from frost.

Tip: Burn its dried, orange-scented leaves to repel mosquitoes.


Do not confuse the climbing ivy (hedera helix) and ground ivy (glechoma hederacea), from the same family as mint.

With evergreen foliage that is green or variegated with white, silver or gold, ivy thrives in partial shade, in cool, calcareous, well-drained soil. Prune when it gets too intrusive.


Known for its white or purple flowers, the periwinkle is also a covering perennial plant with green foliage or variegated with white or gold.

It pushes on soils rich in humus, well drained and possibly limestone, in shade or partial shade

The violet

This perennial with semi-evergreen foliage, not exceeding 20 cm in height, is covered in spring with very fragrant spring flowerss, purple or white.

She likes light and rich soils, even limestone, a sunny or semi-shaded position. Apart from the suppression of slugs, the violet requires little care and its flowers can be used in cooking!

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