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All the colors of the magnolia

All the colors of the magnolia

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White, pink or even yellow, the flowers of magnolias cultivars take on various shapes and colors.

Their flowering is spectacular in spring: do not deprive yourself of it!




The magnolia, in summary

Native to China, Nepal and Japan, deciduous magnolias are covered with flowers in spring. Rather easygoing, they settle down in the ground or in a container (plan a container of at least 40 square centimeters) in acidic, rich, cool and well-drained soil.

In the garden, fill the planting hole with a mixture of garden soil, potting soil and organic amendment. In a bowl, mix 2/3 of potting soil for roses with 1/3 heather soil. Install your magnolia at the half shade, sheltered from strong winds.

The maintenance is rather reduced: no pruning and little risk of disease. Water your magnolia in dry summers and mulch its base to keep the soil moist.

Its roots are shallow, be careful weed around its base and not to install it near greedy plants. In the container, add fertilizer in spring and summer.

  • Tips for planting, pruning and caring for magnolia
  • Magnolia grandiflora, the evergreen magnolia

Colors and scents of magnolia

The different hybrids allow you to vary shapes and colors. We find magnolias in yellow flowers, like 'Elisabeth', very rustic, or 'Yellow Bird' with golden petals.

If you prefer the romanticism of pink flowers, test ‘Heaven Scent’, whose deliciously fragrant, late blooming - May - is well suited to regions with harsh winters.

For an explosion of pinkish hues, ‘Apollo’ flowers generously and Iolanthe ’has very large flowers: 25 to 35 cm in diameter!

If you want to White flowers, plant ‘Encore’, a spectacularly flowering shrub that lasts several weeks from March to April.

To accompany the magnolia

Magnolia flowers appear on bare branches. To highlight them, place your shrub in front of a background of greenery: trees with early or evergreen foliage.

To compose a pretty floral painting, combine it with other spring flowering shrubs - azalea, prunus, ornamental apple tree, camellia, etc - or berry shrubs like the wonder callicarpa with mauve fruits.

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