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The free hedge, a bulwark against diseases

The free hedge, a bulwark against diseases

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Did you know that a hedge not only has the advantage of protecting us from prying eyes, wind and noise?

By promoting the multiplicity of species, you also reduce the risk of diseases and pests spreading in your garden.

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Varying the shrubs reduces the risk of disease ...

A hedge made up of different species and varieties of shrubs presents virtually no risk of disease.

  • Each shrub species has unique characteristics that will allow it to fight off one or the other of pests, fungi and other diseases.
  • By multiplying the number of shrubs, you will disturb the enemies of the garden who will then prefer to go to places where they will be much more comfortable, where, for example, monoculture is practiced.
  • By choosing a selection flowering shrubs, you will attract a large number of insects, birds and other garden friends who will play an important role in the ecosystem by feeding on slugs, aphids and other enemies of your plants.

There are a multitude of possibilities to create a flowering hedge.
Find here some good ideas for planting a flowering hedge.

Creating a hedge is important

The choice of shrubs, number of species and planting are the most important steps when creating a hedge.

  • Choose shrubs that grow in your area, they are much more resistant.

  • Vary the species as much as possible. It can also be nice to group together 2 shrubs of the same variety.

  • When planting, avoid planting them in a single row but stagger the shrubs by about 80 cm to form a sawtooth.

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