A beehive in your garden

A beehive in your garden

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Bees are in danger, especially because of the heavy use of pesticides.

To help save them, you can install a beehive in your garden.

Regulations in force to have a beehive

You have the right to install a beehive in your garden provided you respect the regulations in force concerning the distance to be observed between the hive and neighboring houses, the road and public establishments. This is fixed by prefectural decree, or failing that by municipal decision, unless you have a wall, a non-perforated fence or a hedge with a minimum height of two meters and a width of 'at least two meters on each side of the hive. Check with your town hall.

If your production remains in the family setting, all you have to do is request a Numagrit number from the departmental population protection department. If you are selling your honey, you will need a Siret number. All owners or holders of one or more beehives must declare it every year, specifying the location of their apiary. This can be done online with the Téléruchers service of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Learn to make honey thanks to the school apiaries

In addition to the regulatory aspect, the establishment of a beehive must take into account the habits of bees. The worker is often foraging no further than a kilometer around, so it is best to have shrubs, plants and flowers, sources of nectar and pollen, nearby.

The location (5 m2 sufficient for a beehive) should be sheltered from wind and moisture while enjoying the sun, especially in the morning. A south-eastern exposure is recommended.

To get started, contact the beekeepers in your department who organize courses and training to acquire knowledge and beekeeping techniques: care, swarming, feeding, harvesting.

Some school apiaries initiate practice of natural beekeeping, easier because it requires very little intervention. At the end of winter or at the beginning of spring, you can buy a hive populated by its colony from professionals (from around 7,000 to 40,000 bees).

Transport takes place after dark. There are also specialized shops on the Internet to get the necessary equipment: complete beehives, breeding frames, smokers, protective clothing ...

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